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'The Free Life' is the third album from Bristolian alt-rockers Turbowolf, released via So Records in March 2018.

First single ‘The Free Life’ is a dark, stomping sonic cyclone laden with searing, over-driven guitar and seething bass lines, and is a kaleidoscopic, six-minute introduction to the wonders that abound on the forthcoming album, promising marvellous eccentricities laced with mysticism, magic and dark cosmologies.

Bursting with pounding rhythms and and undulating tempos, The Free Life is a psychedelic, riff-steeped auditory odyssey.

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1. No No No
2. Capital X
3. Cheap Magic
4. Very Bad
5. Halfsecret
6. Domino
7. Last Three Clues
8. Up & Atom
9. Blackhole
10. The Free Life
11. Concluder

*** Click HERE to buy the new album 'The Free Life' now! ***

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